Plevo Smart Luggage

Plevo Smart Luggage- The Gadget Gods

The Future of Smart Travel Luggage

As travel restrictions are beginning to be lifted worldwide it’s time to think about investing in new luggage. The Plevo smart luggage must be one of the coolest high tech luggage ranges currently on the market.

Innovative Luggage

Plevo started life as an Argentinian-designed, kickstarter in June 2018. They offer a wide range of smart luggage. Combining technology with ease of use. Their luggage range includes the Series One options, The Runner, The Infinite and The Up. Each option is filled with innovative tech.

Plevo - Smart Luggage The Gadget Gods

Smart Features

Smart Lock

The luggage has inbuilt smart locks. You can choose to use the traditional key lock or use Face ID, Morse Code or Touch ID. Combined you have access to the highest level of security. 

Digital Scale

The luggage has inbuilt Weight Sensors which tell you precisely how much your luggage weighs and synchronizes it with your flight information to prevent overweight fees.

Anti Theft & Loss

The Plevo Runner comes with an inbuilt sim card, and offers a very advanced set of bag tracking features. This removes the need for a GPS tag. The bluetooth has a 20 Metre range.



Plevo - Smart Luggage The Gadget Gods

Useful Features

Removable Battery

Airlines require all batteries to be easy to remove for safety raesons. The Plevo battery pack is fully removable and compliant with all airlines. You can charge all your devices using the USB and USB-C ports included.

Removable Wheels

The wheels are removeable making it easy to repalce them if they are broken.

Easy Access

Electronic devices such as laptops can be stored in an easy accessible pouch. Making security checks stress free.



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